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Cost Very economical and a source of income for years. Choice of finished Flyover standards gives a choice of investment level. Also, any future changes can be easily made, sometimes in minutes.
Appearance Course always looks pristine and fresh. Choose the level of finish of fairways and greens. There is even a choice sky!
Light Always well lit, as the light source can be positioned to suit each flyover.
Why 3D? Users can get the 'feel' for the course as they soar over its three dimensional features and turn around at the green and look back.
Elevation Choose any elevation from one metre to 100 metres. Flyovers can be produced at different elevations from one model. Also, photo-quality shots of each hole can be taken from any elevation, for use in brochures, web sites, etc.
Sponsor and Commercial Partners Sponsor messages can be placed on the course and on the Flyover. The messages can be updated as required. There is a large variety of sponsor message options - see samples.
Make Changes Flyover models can be easily changed.
Additional information can be added graphically and sponsor messages can be updated - sometimes in minutes.
Distances Distance markers can be added to the Flyover that can be loaded in 10 seconds to a mobile/cell phone. Distances can run from the tee to the green or backwards from the green - See Distance Markers