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3d Flyover models are unique because you can build in any type of sponsor or advertising message.

The advertising and publicity is positioned so that it will always be seen during the Flyover. There are subtle and discreet methods of conveying a sponsor message, as well as more established promotional methods.

Types of sponsor presentations include:

  • Reflection images that appear in lakes on the course.
  • Images 'etched' into the sand of the bunkers.
  • Advertising banners to the back or side of greens.
  • Images in front of the Flyover.

There are many additional promotional options such as a hot air balloon with images on the balloon, a small bi-plane pulling an advertising banner across the sky and signage around the clubhouse.

Sponsor and advertising messages can easily be changed throughout the year.

Special branded presentations for specific competitions and events can be produced to build up to events.

Sponsorship and advertising presentations can be planned in advance for the year and individual sponsor messages can also be incorporated into the Flyover that only appear on specific holes.