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  • The operation and visual standard of the Flyover is guaranteed.
  • This guarantee does not extend to the various operating requirements and systems of media used to distribute the images.

Digital File Size

In deciding the final content, resolution and appearance of the Flyover, Golfflyovers will recommend the best digital file size to accommodate downloading speeds of the different media that are intended to be used to distribute the images. This is significant because it identifies the optimum file size to give the best viewing standard, that will not unduely affect download speeds on Internet or other media. will recommend the overall best size of the digital file that comprises the Flyover. If for any reason the customer wishes to increase the recommended digital file size, will not be held responsible for any malfunction or reduction in standard or accessibility as a result of the customer not keeping to the recommended digital file size.


The number of proofs is identified in the specification of each version. A customer must approve/amend a proof within 14 days of receipt. The method of approval/ammendement of a proof includes:

(a) written confirmation that the customer is satisfied with the proof copy.
(b) written confirmation of the detail that the customer requires changed, ammended, added or deleted.

Additional Changes after Proof approval/ammendment

If the Customer requires additional changes on receipt of the final copy, that were not identified in the written approval/ammendment, an additional modelling charge will be made that is appropriate to the change required and an additional charge for the re-rendering of the model will be made. Both these charges will be given to the Customer before work commences, for written approval, in addition to any balance remaining, on completion of the job.


A Flyover is produced as an overview of a golf course for entertainment purposes and is not intended to provide information that could be used in golf competitions, course development, local authority proposals or any business or social reason, development or determination that the Customer may adopt for its use for and Golfflyovers accepts no liability for any risk, cost or expense in the public or private display, or any use whatsoever, of the Flyover.

  • Deposit of 10% of the agreed total to be paid with order
  • Further payment of 40% to be paid with Proof Approval
  • Total remaining balance to be paid on delivery of finished master disks
  • The initial deposit is non-refundable and will be forfeit if any subsequent balance remains unpaid.


Ownership of the Flyover and all workings and material used in its origination, construction and delivery remains with until payment in full has been received, at which time ownership will pass to the customer.

Mobile & Cell Phone Download

Downloads refer to phones that have a video option or Internet browser. The Flyover video file is a standard format, however some mobile and cell phones may not be compatible.